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[IPp] Re: Ketones again-Eve in hospital

     I'm so sorry Eve has ended up in hospital.  I'm on Digest mode, so I'm 
just reading about her on Saturday evening.  Did you read my post about 
Claire and hospitalisation?  Well, if so, you know that I know how you are 
feeling!  Claire as well could not even keep down water in the hospital.  I 
had brought Raspberry Ice flavour Crystal Lite for her to drink and boy, it 
sure comes back out bright red.  
     How was her blood pH?  Was it in normal range when they did the first 
blood tests?  
     They pumped so much IV solution into Claire that she became like a 
waterlogged sponge.  I noticed then that her regular basal rate was making 
her go too low, had to give 15 carbs of sugary drink in the middle of the 
night and morning bg was still low.  I was wondering if being super-hydrated 
can cause this???
     Anyhow, I hope by now that Eve is home, or at least that things have 
Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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