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Re: [IPp] Glucogon at School

In a message dated 9/6/02 3:48:24 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Beverly,
> If your daughter is under special education then you should do an IEP not a 
> 504. I know that a lot of the parents on this list believe that 504 has 
> more 
> power, but not true.  With all of the research I have done in my state (CT) 
> I 
> have been told by everyone that the IEP is better. If you have an IEP and 
> the 
> school does not follow it than you can go to court and file complaints much 
> faster than with a 504. And the school still risks losing federal funding. 
> Just a thought. I know you are a great advocate for your child, I have read 
> all of your posts on this list. Just wanted to share.
> Sarah :)
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Absolutely, but Mary has been designated 504 for a couple of years and we 
received a educational diagnosis this summer so she will be Special Ed at 
this new school...because she was already 504 at her old school we could 
slide right into it here but will take some time to get to the IEP....I have 
found through OCR that the 504 is strong as OCR will foot the bill for 
violations and they stand to loose their Federal funding too.....both are 
good. I believe that all D children should have one of them in place before 
there are problems. Then, if problems arise, you have firm ground to stand 
on.....In Texas, violations of IEP are first addressed by the state education 
Agency (TEA) so there is red tape with either :-(
Beverly, Mom to Mary, NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping with Animas and Nick, who is 
now ten!
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