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Re: [IPp] Glucogon at School

Dear Carol,

I swear these schools just have to find anything they can to nit pick
at.  Your son IS old enough to carry the da*@# thing with him, if I were
you, at this point I would have them train the teacher, too, just for
GP!  Good luck.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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know this seems minuscule compared to all of you fighting to have your
kids >test in the classroom, but I'll getting really ticked off at my
school >district about something that seems so easy when they've agreed
to everything >else. > >My son, 14, does all his own testing and bolusing
at school (Just started this >year). The school has been really good
about this. Last year he spent all >his time with the nurse ( was awful
on MDI and bouncing sugars). So things >have definitely improved. This
year I've requested that in addition to the >nurse being able to give
glucogon that the PE teacher be trained and have it. >Well, now they're
being a pain. The district nurse said when I talked to her >that she
didn't have a problem with him being trained, but it has to be locked
>up. (in the nurse's office) LOT OF GOOD IT DOES THERE! I want the PE
teacher >to have it. So, I told the principal ( his 20 yr old daughter is
diabetic, >but mind mentally retarded so probable didn't do much self
care in school, but >he's very supportive and understanding) Anyway, the
principle didn't like my >idea of locking up in Devin's PE locker when
not in PE, so I said I'd buy a >lock box for the PE teacher to keep it in
when Devin's not there. My thought >is that the PE teacher should take it
out with him during PE and then lock it >back up after class. The
district nurse says, "Well, he'll probably just >forget and they'll have
to call the nurse for the glucogon anyway, so the PE >teacher might as
well not have it" I'd like to *#@*! spit bricks right now. >That's a
really intelligent way of dealing with the situation! The PE teacher
>will forget, so let's not do it. He has no walkie talkie out on the
field so >would have to have a student run to get the nurse to unlock her
cabinet with >the glucogon and run out to the field to give it to my son.
Meanwhile, where >does that leave my son. I'm so irritated I'm about
ready to have my WONDERFUL >Endo sign a paper that says Devin will carry
his own glucogon on him and ALL >THE TEACHERS will be trained to use it.
I'm sure the school would like that >even more! > >Frustrated and ticked
off ! > >Carol > > >email @ redacted
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