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[IPp] Glucogon at School

I know this seems minuscule compared to all of you fighting to have your kids
test in the classroom, but I'll getting really ticked off at my school
district about something that seems so easy when they've agreed to everything

My son, 14, does all his own testing and bolusing at school (Just started this
year).  The school  has been really good about this. Last year he spent all
his time with the nurse ( was awful on MDI and bouncing sugars).  So things
have definitely improved.  This year I've requested that in addition to the
nurse being able to give glucogon that the PE teacher be trained and have it.
Well, now they're being a pain.  The district nurse said when I talked to her
that she didn't have a problem with him being trained, but it has to be locked
up. (in the nurse's office)  LOT OF GOOD IT DOES THERE!  I want the PE teacher
to have it.  So, I told the principal ( his 20 yr old daughter is diabetic,
but mind mentally retarded so probable didn't do much self care in school, but
he's very supportive and understanding) Anyway, the principle didn't like my
idea of locking up in Devin's PE locker when not in PE, so I said I'd buy a
lock box for the PE teacher to keep it in when Devin's not there.  My thought
is that the PE teacher should take it out with him during PE and then lock it
back up after class.  The district nurse says, "Well, he'll probably just
forget and they'll have to call the nurse for the glucogon anyway, so the PE
teacher might as well not have it" I'd like to *#@*! spit bricks right now.
That's a really intelligent way of dealing with the situation! The PE teacher
will forget, so let's not do it. He has no walkie talkie out on the field so
would have to have a student run to get the nurse to unlock her cabinet with
the glucogon and run out to the field to give it to my son.  Meanwhile, where
does that leave my son.  I'm so irritated I'm about ready to have my WONDERFUL
Endo sign a paper that says Devin will carry his own glucogon on him and ALL
THE TEACHERS  will be trained to use it.  I'm sure the school would like that
even more!

Frustrated and ticked off !


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