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[IPp] Re: when to call doctor

> <<With all the wisdom on this site, I need help again. When do you call the
> doctor when your child has large ketones?
> Eve was high (HI on her meter)at supper this evening and had moderate
> ketones. Now she just checked and has high ketones. she is feeling thirsty
> but ok.>>

I'm not one to rush and call the doctor for anything, in fact with over 5 
years of diabetes, I've only called twice.  

However, with diabetes things can develop very quickly.  A couple of weeks 
ago Claire woke up one morning all happy and playful.  A friend of mine who 
was passing through town had stopped in at 8:45 a.m. for a quick visit and 
Claire was excited to wake up and play with my friend's little doggie.  We 
checked bgs when my friend left at 9:45.  She was Hi--off the meter.  We 
re-checked and then also tested blood ketones with the Precision Xtra meter.  
Ketones were large as well.  I gave a bolus and started her drinking water.  
(I should have done it by injection, but a week earlier a very high bg came 
down to 95 in 75 minutes by bolus, and despite having had over 5000 needles 
in her life, they now traumatize her).  One hour later I was about to re-test 
bgs when she threw up the water.  Then I KNEW it was time to call the doctor! 
 When the doctor didn't return the call within 15 minutes we went straight to 
emergency.  She was already in DKA.  Within 90 minutes she went from looking 
great and being playful, to looking very, very sick.  A two day hospital stay 

So my advice is to watch things carefully and re-test.  If bgs are coming 
down quickly, you are probably okay.  Urine ketones take a long, long time to 
clear.  For example, by the second evening in hospital, Claire's blood 
ketones on the Xtra meter read 0.0, but urine ketones were still showing up 
the following day.  Trust your instincts, and it never hurts to call the 
doctor or your diabetes nurse if you are unsure.  

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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