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[IPp] Re: please help me

> This doesn't work in small towns though. Our SD made a point to hire a
> different lawyer each time they needed one, so that ALL the lawyers in town
> at one point had done work for the school district. So when we had a
> potential law suit, we couldn't hire a single lawyer within 250 miles
> because it was a "conflict of interest" for all of them!
> Our only choice was to hire from Salt Lake City or Denver, and that would
> include the lawyers expenses to come to our town. The public interest
> lawyers from SLC and Denver wouldn't do it because it was too far away.>>

Oh, that really sucks doesn't it.  However, there could have been another 
solution, and that was for the school's lawyer to do the travelling to the 
"big city".  We were involved in a lawsuit for many years (far too many) and 
generally found the lawyers liked to stay in the big city.  

And for Shanna,
     Yes, don't let them move your son to a school so far away.  If your kids 
are sick for any reason, or need to come home from school, its nice to be 
able to get them fairly quickly.  
     We have no laws to protect our DM kids here in Canada, so I can't offer 
any other advice to you.  However, what works for me is that I go to the 
school every day at lunch to check Claire's bg reading and to decide on her 
bolus depending on what she is going to eat and whether there is gym after 
lunch.  I just slip into the classroom as soon as the kids are allowed to go 
and get their lunches.  She likes me to come (age 8, grade 3), and I will 
until she wants to do it all by herself.  At that point I will probably get 
her a cell/mobile phone to keep with her at school.  At morning snack she 
eats the same thing every day and gives herself 1.5 units.  
     We are new to this town, and a big criteria for us in selecting a place 
to live was that the school wasn't too far away.    I wanted 10 minutes max 
driving time.  My hubby has to ride his bicycle to work, or else I drive him. 

Best of luck,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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