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[IPp] the fight continues

Well, I broke down and was crying in the principal's office today.  The guy 
that wouldn't return my calls finally called after I told on him.  He told me 
that he isn't prepared to give me in writing the reasoning behind sending 
Jacob to the other school.  I then asked for the policy that states that no 
one other than a nurse can give insulin.  I gave the principal the info on 
Loundoun County.  Her response was, "Well, their laws and policies would be 
very different from ours."  I was so mad at that point.  I started trying to 
call other schools in Minnesota to find out if they have children with 
diabetes at them and who administers their insulin.  I filled a complaint 
with the Office of Civil Rights.  I have contacted Michelle Bachman who is 
one of our senators and lives in our city.  I have called just about everyone 
that I can.  I still need more.  If anyone knows how I can find out if there 
are other schools in MN that don't have a nurse and they administer insulin 
one way or another could you please let me know how?  I need to know what 
school in what district that so I can bring exact facts for them to see in 
black and white.  Thanks to everyone that has been helping me out.  I so 
appreciate it.  I will keep you all updated.

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