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Re: [IPp] ketones again !!!

Dear Renee,

Amen to that!

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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>Deborah: > Aaarrrggghhhh..wish I could tell you this won't happen again,
but as recently as this summer, Melissa did a comparable thing (at age 19
1/2) taking her pump off for 4 hours, playing in the pool with kids she
was baby-sitting, & even eating some lunch without re-hooking & bolusing.
Not sure if she had sun stroke or what (!!), but it was as if for that
moment in time, she wanted to completely forget about diabetes & delude
herself into believing that the splashing around in the pool would
compensate for no insulin. > When she was in high school, she was playing
field hockey & was equally stubborn about not re-hooking,checking etc
during practices & games. After several hours with no insulin, she'd come
home at dinnertime with bgs in the high 300s, too NASTY to do any homwork
& not able to eat, etc. until her bgs finally came down hours later.
After four of these episodes, I finally told her either she complied with
her CDE's "game plan" or she couldn't play. She reluctantly "sort of"
compromised & at least did check & take some insulin 1/2 way through. I
never did fully understand why she was soooo difficult about this, but
the following fall, she opted not to play sports because in her "mind's
eye", it wasn't worth the hassle. :-( > Not sure "threats" are the
optimal way to handle this with Eve, but just as we wouldn't condone a
teen drink & driving, we have to be equally adamant about the "dangers"
of pumping without precautions too. > Good luck!! There are no easy
answers here, only lots of understanding "ears".... >Regards >Renee
(melissa's pump mom)
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