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Re: [IPp] ketones again !!!

Dear Deborah,

  How old is Eve?  My daughter is 8, still new at this, and I have to
constantly remind her, too.  If I am not there to "nag" her, she
"forgets".  I honestly think it has to do with being "normal", like the
other kids.  When mom isn't there to "nag", they don't want to be
different, so choose to "forget".  I got that Cadex watch for Jessy, and
set the times that she needs to check her sugars and bolus for when I am
not around.  It has a 12 memory alarm capacity, and will even say, "check
sugars" or "bolus" when the alarm goes off.  This has helped, in school
anyway, because she wants to show them how responsible she is right now. 
I hope that doesn't wear off.  Yesterday (her first day) was a
nightmare!  About a hundred calls made back and forth and a missed bolus
after lunch because she was told to go outside and didn't mention the
fact that she needed to bolus first because she was afraid she would be
yelled at.&nbs! p; The nurse (thank God for her) finally called down to
the class and had her come right down to bolus.  I realize the first week
is chaotic, but Jessy has to learn to speak up for herself.

  If I were you, I would invest the $39.95 (you can purchase this on
line) And set the timers to interact with soccer practice.  Talk to the
coach about it and find out what time they take their breaks so you can
set it more acurately.  I really do think that it is because she doesn't
want to be different, she will have to come to grips with this somehow. 
There are horror stories of things that have happened to children who
have gone too high or too low (they have been written by the parents here
in letters)  Show her these letters (maybe everyone can write them again
for you) and sit her down and scare the bloody heck out of her. 
Sometimes the only thing that works is the "scare technique."  We have
had to do it to our kids about going off with strangers and answering the
door for people they don't know. (I know it sounds demented, but it got
through when nothing else did)

Good luck, I wish you the best. 

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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"email @ redacted" >Subject: [IPp] ketones again
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wrote last night about Eve having large ketones last nigh. I didn't tell
>the whole story. What happened was Eve played in a soccer game after
school >yesterday afternoon. She removed her pump for practice and the
game. Didn't >check her blood sugar before the game or practice and had a
snack and didn't >bolus for it. She had some orange slices at half time
and didn't bolus for >them and didn't check her blood sugar either. She
had no insulin from 2:30 >to 5:45. > >Came home after the game and
checked before supper and guess what? She was >high (HI on meter)and had
large ketones. The thing that made me upset was >that she was surprise
she was HI and had ketone. I asked her why she didn't >check before the
game and at half time, she said "I forgot". WHAT!!!! You >would THINK
that after playing soccer for 5 years in school and in the >summer this
would be automatic, you just do it. > >I want to thank all that responded
to my e-mail. Later on in the evening her >blood sugars came down and
before bed she had trace ketone. At midnight she >was 95 and with the
soccer game that afternoon my husband gave her a carbo >of oj. I checked
her at 3 am and she was 81 so I gave her a carbo of oj and >she was 104
this morning with an upset stomach. She was keeping down fluids >and her
breakfast, (forgot to test ketone this morning before school)so I >sent
her to school, told her to test ketone when she arrived at school. Just
>called from school and has moderate ketone!!! Took her an hour to call
me. >This is not the schools fault, she has the right to call me anytime
with >diabetes information. She just thought that this wasn't important.
She also >told me that she was still going to go to soccer practice after
school. I >told her not if she still has ketones. > >Eve doesn't get that
ketones are serious. Not even a week ago, she had large >ketones with
vomiting/upset stomach with HI on her meter(again didn't check >blood
sugar and ate without bolusing), and almost ended up in the ER. > >Does
any parent have any advice for me on what to do about Eve's lack of
>responsible in bolusing or lack of concern for ketones. I am sick with
>worry. > >Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe >Dxed 5/3/96 pumping
5/21/99 >---------------------------------------------------------- >for
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