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[IPp] ketones again !!!

I wrote last night about Eve having large ketones last nigh. I didn't tell
the whole story. What happened was Eve played in a soccer game after school
yesterday afternoon. She removed her pump for practice and the game. Didn't
check her blood sugar before the game or practice and had a snack and didn't
bolus for it. She had some orange slices at half time and didn't bolus for
them and didn't check her blood sugar either. She had no insulin from 2:30
to 5:45.

Came home after the game and checked before supper and guess what? She was
high (HI on meter)and had large ketones. The thing that made me upset was
that she was surprise she was HI and had ketone. I asked her why she didn't
check before the game and at half time, she said  "I forgot". WHAT!!!! You
would THINK that after playing soccer for 5 years in school and in the
summer this would be automatic, you just do it.

I want to thank all that responded to my e-mail. Later on in the evening her
blood sugars came down and before bed she had trace ketone. At midnight she
was 95 and with the soccer game that afternoon my husband gave her a carbo
of oj. I checked her at 3 am and she was 81 so I gave her a carbo of oj and
she was 104 this morning with an upset stomach. She was keeping down fluids
and her breakfast, (forgot to test ketone this morning before school)so I
sent her to school, told her to test ketone when she arrived at school. Just
called from school and has moderate ketone!!! Took her an hour to call me.
This is not the schools fault, she has the right to call me anytime with
diabetes information. She just thought that this wasn't important. She also
told me that she was still going to go to soccer practice after school. I
told her not if she still has ketones.

Eve doesn't get that ketones are serious. Not even a week ago, she had large
ketones with vomiting/upset stomach with HI on her meter(again didn't check
blood sugar and ate without bolusing), and almost ended up in the ER.

Does any parent have any advice for me on what to do about Eve's lack of
responsible in bolusing or lack of concern for ketones. I am sick with

Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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