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Re: [IPp] Animas

> Where is Animas located?  I asked our Endo about their pump and she said
> she honestly has never put anyone on it because she doesn't know a lot
> the company. They usually put kids on either the Minimed Paradigm or the
> Disetronic Pumps.  I will most likely be switching pumps when our four
> waiting period is over. I love our paradigm, don't get me wrong, it is
> I am thrilled with it. But the more I hear about the smaller reservoir
> an issue, the more I start worrying for the future when my son is also
> in more insulin. Right now we change sites every other day, we were told
> do this by our Endo. I sometimes go three days, but then those sites take
> longer to heal than if I change every other day. My son is great with site
> changes so the every other day is not an issue.  I also heard that with
> the Animas and Disetronic pumps you can have a smaller basal rate, which
> would have been great for us since sometimes with Matthew running at 0.1
> is still too much.
> Thanks a bunch
> Sarah  :)  Mom to Matthew ( almost 6 ) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd
> and Victoria ( 7 ) Non-D...Love My kids!

Here's the Animas website!

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