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Re: [IPp] when to call the doctor

I wouldn't call for my daughter unless there was
repeated vomiting and she couldn't keep things down, or
things just didn't seem right. However, you should do
what feels most comfortable for you. Usually when my
daughter gets ketones (even large ones) and high bgs I
immediately give her lots of water or non-caloric
fluids to flush out the ketones and give her an
injection of insulin to correct the bgs (slightly more
than a normal correction as sometimes ketones can make
the bgs resistant). The extra insulin is necessary to
shut off the ketone production, and I give it by
injection to eliminate any possibility that the site
may be bad. This way I know for sure she got the
insulin and can change the site/cartridge, etc later.
Typically I correct every 2-3hrs until the ketones are
gone or down to trace (they're usually gone by
~4-6hrs). I also check ketones at least every couple of
hours, if not more often. This is just what we do. Hope
this helps.

Deborah said:
With all the wisdom on this site, I need help again.
When do you call the
doctor when your child has large ketones?

Eve was high (HI on her meter)at supper this evening
and had moderate
ketones. Now she just checked and has high ketones. she
is feeling thirsty
but ok.
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