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RE: [IPp] update

The schools that we have been at wouldn't and won't figure out
either. For them it's a liability issue. Insulin can kill and they don't
want that
liability, even if it is a nurse giving the injection.

Our parent advocate told us that this was an accomodation that we would have
hardest time winning and asked us to seriously think about how important it
to us to have them calculate the bolus/injection amount.

We agreed that it wasn't worth fighting over. So after lunch each day Tarek
his father or I and tells us how much he ate of his lunch (usually packed
from home)
and we tell him how much to bolus. The nurse para (not an RN) then
"observes" him
bolusing. Last year we talked directly with the nurse para and told her how
he was to bolus, and then she told Tarek and watched the numbers in the pump
make sure he bolused the correct amount. This has worked out fairly well.

Can you make a concession to have them observe him bolusing (that is if he
competant in pushing the buttons), or what if you told them how much to
bolus him.
It may be a liability issue with making the decision themselves and if they
willing to meet all of his other accomodations, this could be one that you
them halfway on.

Mom to Tarek, age 10, IDDM, dx 11-16-1998
Pumping DTron since 1-12-2001
Denver, Colorado

> Jacob cannot do his own boluses.  Even if he could he wouldn't be able to
> figure out how much of a bolus that he needs.  That is one of the big
> problems that we have.  It's not that giving a bolus is hard or
> anything but
> they won't even look at the chart that I wrote up and tell him
> how much he
> needs.
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