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Re: [IPp] update

In a message dated 9/4/2002 4:25:52 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Well, that is ridiculous! (but you knew that) I pack Mary's lunch each day 
> and put a card in it telling how much to bolus for it (she has no option 
> but 
> to eat it all...that being a nutrition decision)...when I get the carb info 
> from the district...I will write what she is to have on a card with bolus 
> info if she chooses to buy....she always is *overseen* when 
> bolusing.....sheesh!....they call for parties, etc and the I provided a 
> carb 
> count book (and a pump manual and Pumpin Insulin) for the clinic....what do 
> they do for asthmatic kids?
I also pack Jacob's lunch every day.  I also put a card in that has the carb 
counts of each item as well as how much to bolus for each item.  Jacob has 
not eaten all of his lunch yet so I just determine what he eats and bolus the 
amount.  Very simple.  If he eats half of the bologna sandwich you cut the 
bolus in half, only eats 3 of the 6 little cookie, cut the bolus in 
half...etc.  If you can't figure it out call me.  It's that simple but they 
still won't do it.  With kids with asthma they can administer it 
themselves....if it's too bad and they can then they call an ambulance.  This 
really sucks.

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