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[IPp] MN help?

Shanna,  Sorry about the problems and undo added stress.  I remember 1 -
2 years ago at a school by Mpls/St. Paul that they were going to bus a
little girl to another school because her school did not want to assist
her with her diabetes.  The ADA stepped in, an attorney and the Media
and it became a big news item.  The end was was that the little girl
could stay in her school.  It's been tried and they lost.  We live in WI
and have not yet had any problems.  We do not have a 504.  At the
beginning of every school year I visit with my sons teacher and ask, if
he needed help would they help him.  They have all said yes.  So I show
them how to do the glycogen shot if needed and give them a brief rundown
on our version of diabetes and care that works for us.  Our nurse is
split between 3 schools and is not always there either.  Because of this
our nurse says it is her job to train other personnel to be ready to
help, not just for our kids, but kids that have other health needs like
allergies to bee stings, asthma, etc., not to just hope that nothing
happens while they are away.  Because everyone has been so willing to
help, know one is afraid of helping and now for every year that he has
been in this school we have 5 teacher plus bus drivers that say they
will gladly step in and take responsibility for helping him with his
diabetes and that includes giving a glycogen shot.  Best of Luck.  I
hope this testimony that it does not have to be a big deal helps.  joyce
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