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[IPp] please help

Dear Shanna,
The school district's solution is unacceptable, but decisions like this are 
being made all over the country in the misguided effort to "better" 
accommodate children with disabilities in schools.  And, they are being 
fought all over the country. My advice to you is to contact the American 
Diabetes Association, ask for the school advocate, and, if this doesn't work, 
ask for Crystal Jackson. The ADA is helping to fight cases such as yours by 
training non nursing personnel in schools with no nurses to handle aspects of 
diabetes care, (did so effectively in Loudon County, Virginia)  At the same 
time, I'd contact your local Office of Civil Rights and file a complaint. 
These folks are working together with the ADA to fight this type of 
discrimination. They brought the suit against Loudon County together with 
Jackson and the ADA.  By the way, do you have a 504 service contract?  These 
don't work perfectly, but they outline the services your child will get at 
school due to diabetes, considered a disability legally.  When  the process 
fails, you have recourse to mediation (a slow process) or due process, 
although these vary from state to state.  Often, the district will settle 
before going to due process, or to court, because filing a complaint puts 
them on notice that you will not be dissuaded from your request. 
There are also national advocacy groups with state offices.  Look up the 
legal links at our website.  They can help you clarify the issues, and may 
provide an advocate to go to meetings with your district people.  
I hope this helps
Good luck,
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