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[IPp] Please help me.....

My husband had a meeting with the head of the nurses department for our 
district last week.  I was gone that day so I didn't even know about the 
meeting until afterwards.  Before this meeting everything was going great at 
the school.  Then this guy came in and said that the person that was going to 
give Jacob his boluses can't do it.  My husband fought back and forth this 
this guy.  They thought that they had everything figured out.  I was going to 
be there every day for the first week just to make sure that everything runs 
smoothly and then they were going to take over by themselves doing bs checks 
and giving boluses.  Then the head nurses guy comes back today and says that 
after this week they are going to make a decision if Jacob can go to this 
school or not.  WHAT????  He told me that most likely they are going to send 
him to another school.  The only school in the district that has a full time 
nurse.  This school is 2 towns away.  The school that he is going to now is 4 
blocks away.  Also the hospital is very close to the school that he is going 
to now and really far away from the school that they want to send him to.  
There is no way that I could make it to the other school for any reason.  I 
don't have a car or anything so if his sight came out or something I wouldn't 
be able to help him.  My husband works every day from 9am to 8pm just that so 
I can stay home and take care of the kids.  I need any help that I can get.  
The only other option they had was for Jacob (5 years old) to figure out and 
administer his boluses himself.  BTW we live in MN and there are NO laws 
about diabetes care in school.  If anyone can help, I really, really need it. 

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