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Re: [IPp] Balanced School Day

Dear Debbie,

Why do these schools have to change the way things work?  They really
don't take into consideration children with special needs, like ours with
diabetes.  I'm glad they are letting you come in at least to check your
daughter's sugars so that you have a period of figuring things out.  Do
you have a primary care giver in the school since you do not have a
nurse.  Does your child check her own sugars, or does someone do it for
her?  How old is she?  If I were you, I would make sure that she is
checked 2 hours after her lunches too.  Poor thing, she has to get
stabbed 2 extra times now because of this new lunch schedule thing.  I
feel for you.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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everyone! > >My daughter starts school tomorrow and I am struggling to
figure out >what to send her to eat. Our school is taking part in a pilot
project >this year called the Balance School day. Instead of the usual 2
recess, >1 lunch, we are switching to 2 nutrition breaks, as they are
called. >The first one is at 10:30 and the second is at 1:00. They eat
for 20 >minutes at each one then spend 30 minutes outside. The school
says the >kids should eat 1/2 of their lunch at 10:30 and 1/2 at 1:00. I
just >don't know if Megan will eat enough at 10:30 to last until 1:00.
Any >ideas? Also, we don't have a school nurse so I have to predict what
>Megan will eat and program it into her pump. I will be available to go
>into the school for the first couple of weeks until we work out any
>problems, but I would like to hear anyone's thoughts and ideas to
>hopefully make this a smooth transition. I plan on having them test her
>before both nutrition breaks and possibly before she gets on the bus at
>3:30 because I will be more likely that she will have a low at this
>time. I know that her 10:30 reading will be high because we still
>haven't mastered the breakfast bolus to stop her blood sugar from
>rising, than falling by lunch. So we will not correct her blood sugar
>until we see what will happen. > >Sorry this is so long but as I am
planning for tomorrow I am thinking >more and more that this plan is
stupid and will probably not work for >Megan. Thank god for the pump
though or she would for sure be having >lows everyday at 12:00. Is anyone
else's children on this schedule at >school? > >Thanks for any ideas you
guys may have. > >Debbie >mom to Megan, 6 dx'd 08/00, pumping since
08/01, Madison, 4 and Gillian, >1
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