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Re: [IPp] School Nurses

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your concern.  We did get that all straightened out with
her inclussion class.  I am actually very happy about it.  I think Jessy
will benifit from having 2 teachers.  My main concern at first was that
this "inclussion" class meant just special ed kids, Jessy is special, but
not special ed.  Jessy fell a little behind last year with all the school
she missed (about 6 weeks all together from January, when she was
diagnosed to June), but her teacher last year has assured me that she is
above average on all levels, so I was very concerned.  It is not what I
originally thought.  They will have some special ed kids in the class,
nut special ed kids are mainstreamed in all of the classrooms.  The only
difference is, in and inclussion class they won't need to leave the
classroom for specials.  They will stay in the class and have one of the
2 teachers to help them.  In a case where the child is doing very well,
they! will be able to advance them on to more challenging things, again,
because of the benifit of the 2nd teacher.  Where they are struggling,
they can get more help.  I think this is wonderful.  My main concern was
that they were not going to use the same curriculum as in the other
classes, but they are.  They can advance each child individually or take
extra time with the children who need help on an as need basis.  They are
going to even include mentoring from the students who "get it" for those
that "don't".  This is a new program that they started this year.  Right
now it is 1st, 3rd and 5th grades only, but eventually, they would like
to do this in every grade.  My husband and I went to the meeting very
leary, and came home very happy (until we saw an ambulance in our
yard.....long story, actually pretty funny, but wasn't because of
Jessy.....my 1 year old son thought he might try some hydrogen peroxide,
and my mother panicked and ca! lled 911 instead of poison control)

Sorry so long.  Thank you for your concern, Jennifer.  I am very grateful
for all of your support, and am so relieved that everything has worked
out so well.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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>I'm so sorry you have to go thru this! But you have to remember YOU did
not >cause this situation, and please don't be hard on yourself. It is
ignorance >on the super's behalf that is making this happen. That is
ridiculous, that >she should be in a class where "she won't be a
distraction" even if it means >she isn't getting the education she
deserves. I'll be thinking of you, good >luck. > > >Jennifer >Mom to Sam
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