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Re: [IPp] Highs after eating

> My kindergarden son has been getting high about 1 hr. after eating.
> He is using a paridign pump , pumping novolog. Three hours later
> he's back to the low 100's is there anyway to get him lower quicker
> but not make him low later?

<<<<Michael replied: > With a small child and a big meal, digestion is not by
"batch" but rather at the capacity of his system. This can slow things down
than you might expect. If you take insulin earlier, it is absorbed 
earlier. Some people bolus some percentage (for example half) 10 - 15 
minutes early, and the rest as or after they eat.>>>>>>>

I agree with Michael.  For my son Luke, age 7, we've found that giving a
pre-bolus about 15 min. early (or at least starting the meal with a bolus)
helps the post-prandials come in at a reasonable level but because the bolus
amount is still the correct ratio to the carb, it doesn't send him low.  We do
about 1.0 unit, which for Luke is 20grams of carb, and we're always sure that
he can definitely eat this amount.  This especially helps Luke with the
post-breakfast reading but not dropping too much for lunch at school.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, Novolog 10/01

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