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Re: [IPp] Please help, school policy

> Our 504 is worded that ratio and dosage info will come from me and to call
> me
> for any questions. It further states that Mary is a maturing adolescent and
> her requirements will be changing and I am where they will get that
> information.....hope this helps....

Beverly, we tried this type of wording last year,  but the Nurses refused to
accept it.    They were insisting on actual written orders from the Endo
(not even the CDE who can also prescribe)  EACH time we changed the
insulin doseage by .1 units  or changed the correction formula.

After finding out what our high school was doing,  we finally were able to
force them to at least accept written orders saying the carb-insulin ratio
could be set anywhere from   .5 to 1.0   and the correction factor could
be anywhere from 60-120.    Then I had to supply them with current
numbers  AND  send in written orders from me whenever these numbers
change.     And they have to stay within the prescribed acceptable
range from the Endo's orders  (course I was actually the one picking
the numbers  :)


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