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[IPp] RE: pop-digest V2 #952

Lori -

This sounds like what would happen to my daughter after gymnastics.  She would
be fine or even high afterward, but then about 8 hours later be low.  After
much trial and error we figured out how to set a temp basal that would kick in
about 8 hours after she exercised.  I always wished the pump would allow you
to tell it to do a temp basal at a certain hour, but it does not.  For
example, she may want the temp basal to kick in about 2 a.m., but you can't
set it that way when you go to bed at 10:00 p.m.  I'm guessing your son
doesn't bike at the same hour every day, so trying to do a different basal
pattern with lower hourly rates might not work either.  But if he does think
he goes low during the night after biking, maybe setting a different pattern
for those times would work.  In other words, he could switch back and forth
between Pattern A and Pattern B depending on whether he is biking that day or
not.  That means having to actually remember to switch back and forth though!
I would definitely encourage him to keep playing with temp basals.

> Yes, he does disconnect during his ride and is fine during that time.   The
> issue is in the evening after a ride.  I partially think he  underestimates
> the amount of carb he eats for dinner afterwards, because he  always
>  complains that he is high and keeps giving himself correction boluses. By
11 pm
> he will be down to 100, but feeling he better have a  snack before bed.  He
> will get up at 2 am and be down to 70 so eats another  bowl of cereal (about
> 30 gm or carbs) and then he will be 100 in the  morning.
> I just feel he shouldn't have to keep eating and he doesn't want to have to
>  eat either. He has put on approx. 15 pounds this past year. I asked why he
>  didn't set a temp basal, and he said because he was 250-350 all evening
> after  dinner and didn't feel he should.  It might be because he disconnects
> and  doesn't have any insulin on board and therefore needs to compensate
> he  boluses for dinner.
> It seems like he does this every time he takes a long (yesterday 25 mile)
> bike ride.  I will try to get him to set a temp basal maybe to 65% or so
> for the first few hours he goes to bed and see if that helps.
> I just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone else has figured out a
> good formula for this type of long and strenuous exercising, diconnecting,
> bolusing afterwards, and night time lows.
> Thanks,
> Lori
> .
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