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RE: [IPp] What was your biggest hurdle?

My son Luke, 8, went on the pump when he was in kindergarten, so older than 3
but not terribly old.  Our biggest hurdle was getting the site to last >1-2
days due to several issues.  First, it turned out that Humalog really irritated
him, and initially we mixed Humalog with Regular based on the advice of
experienced pump parents from this list.  We were able to switch to Novolog
then when it came out - that was great - completely fixed that problem.  We've
used Novolog for 2 years now.

Second, Sofsets didn't stick on Luke for any time when he sweated, which is
nearly constantly during the long Texas summers/humid weather, etc.  I really
HATE those sets after the # of bad experiences we had with them, and I can't
say enough against them.  Then we used QuickSets for a year, and Luke loved
them, but after having numerous bent cannulas, we tired of that & switched to
the really scary-looking Silhouettes with the inserter.  After getting past the
scariness, we - especially Luke - discovered that they stick well, and they
rarely rarely get bent cannulas on him.  We've been using Sils for nearly 1.5
years, and knowing what we know now, we would have started with those.

With a child, the constant review of blood glucose values, the changing basal
needs, the changing carb ratios, figuring out the best way to handle high fat
meals, figuring out how to prevent lows during strenuous exercise, and testing
lots more  - every time you suspect a problem, you must check bg & then you
must check again when you think it's fixed to confirm it - these are all
smaller hurdles.

I have to say though, my son Luke recently told his friend who was diagnosed in
May to get a pump.  Luke loves his pump - he loves being able to eat when he
wants, what he wants, where he wants, and not having to take shots each time. 
He'd rather poke his fingers 10x a day for bg's than to take shots every day. 
He likes sleeping in on weekends, & playing soccer without going low, and
eating dinner at different times, and having popcorn at movies at "weird"
times, and eating with everyone else at birthday parties, and eating with the
rest of the family when we travel & don't stick to a meal schedule, as well as
not fighting about eating a big breakfast and not begging to eat a bigger
dinner....his dedication to the pump & to getting over the hurdles has been my
husband's & my constant inspiration to do whatever we can to support him.

Luke's also in such better shape on the pump - he's slimmer & more muscular. 
He feels better - he commented on that within the first couple of weeks.  He's
growing so well and is doing well in school and in extracurricular activities. 
He got used to wearing the pump within about 1-2 days.  The pump is not easier
than shots - but it sure makes life more enjoyable.

Good luck to you in the pump start!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 - MM508 + Novolog

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