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[IPp] Re: Bolus for high fat meals

> So if he's had something super high in protein, like eggs for breakfast and
> very little carb, we do a 100% square/extended wave, usually over an hour.  
> It
> took us quite a bit of "experimenting" (sheesh, isn't every day an 
> experiment
> with diabetes?) to settle on this # for Luke.
Do you bolus for protein?  I wasn't sure if this is what you were meaning in 
the post.  I know that a lot of adults do count and bolus for their protein, 
and I think that for Claire, when she eats mostly protein and little or no 
 carbs, that I should also bolus her a little. But haven't figured out how much
exactly, so everytime is different.  

Regarding pizza and high fat foods for Claire, she will definately go low if 
I bolus her for these right away.  Actually pizza often requires a zero bolus, 
without a resulting high later.  Really strange, I know.  But she doesn't eat 
more than one or two slices as she doesn't care for it much.  Even with a 
 donut, I have to do an extended bolus. The insulin works very fast in her body.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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