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[IPp] Biggest Hurdle Pumping

Well, everyone seems to have had a better adjustment than I did.   My
daughter from Day 1 absolutely loved the pump.   So did I...however, it
was an adjustment for me.  Going from shots to pumping was a different
mind set as far as the insulins peaking times etc.  I believe in order to
utilize the advantages of the pump, it takes more work in some aspects,
such as testing.  We test many, many more times a day.   It took time to
figure out the best way to insert her site.   Also, I had a struggle with
Humalog.  Ever since switching to Novolog, pumping has been a breeze.  
Is it worth it????    ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, YES!!!!!!  I also wish we
switched sooner.  But, it did take time to get used to something new.  
Have patience and it will be worth all your efforts.  As many people told
me, you'll get th! e hang of it in no time.   And they were right!    My
daughter had her best A1c since diagnosed.  It was 7.0, however, I'm
striving for the 6's.   I absolutely credit this to the pump.  Good


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