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Re: [IPp] Bolus for high fat meals

In a message dated 10/26/2003 3:55:04 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
I am having no luck figuring out how to keep blood sugars down overnight when 
a high fat meal is eaten for dinner- pizza, hot dogs, chicken wings- all 
cause very high spikes in my boys (ages 6 & 9) several hours later. We try 
wave bolus's- but they go really low right away and then spike up later.  
night , after pizza at 8 pm they were fine at bed time (10:30 pm) and then 
awoke at 3 am spiking over 400.Any suggestions? I do not believe it is the
rates since when they have lower fat meals we do not have this problem
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Hello, I have a 3 year old that loves eating pizza, hot dog, Mc Donald's. 
 With us I had to play with the dual wave till I got it right. I was told to
50% up front and 50% over 4 hours, but it didn't work, and Justin would always 
run high for the 4 hours. What I have found to work for us was to first 
decrease ratio for high fat meals from 1 to 20, to 1 to 17, then I give 75% up 
 front and 25% over 3 hours. This works well for Justin, and he is able to enjoy
all foods.  In your case I would try giving Less insulin upfront since he goes 
 low, and then extending the bolas for longer. Or try running a higher basal for
high fat meal nights. Hope this helps.

Gina Mom of Justin
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