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Re: [IPp] Bolus for high fat meals

When having Pizza for Dinner, we bolus our daughter 40% - 60% over 3 hours
(she normally gets 60/40 bolus).  This has helped with the immediate low and
then high spike!

Mom to Tricia (dxd 9/02) pumping since 6/03

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> In a message dated 26/10/2003 21:55:32 GMT Standard Time,
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> writes:
> > Help!
> > I am having no luck figuring out how to keep blood sugars down overnight
> > when
> > a high fat meal is eaten for dinner- pizza, hot dogs, chicken wings- all
> > cause very high spikes in my boys (ages 6 &9) several hours later. We
> > dual
> > wave bolus's- but they go really low right away and then spike up later.
> > Last
> > night , after pizza at 8 pm they were fine at bed time (10:30 pm) and
> > awoke at 3 am spiking over 400.Any suggestions? I do not believe it is
> > basal
> > rates since when they have lower fat meals we do not have this problem
> I have the same problem with spaghetti bolognese especially.  My daughter
> (pumping) had spaghetti bolognese last night with garlic bread and her
>  sugars were fine until about two hours after she had eaten and then they
> up
> and up and up and there was no bringing them down.  She even got up this
>  morning with a high blood sugar which sent her breakfast bolus and food
out of
> the
> window.  She did not stabilize until about 6 pm today because everything
> ate shot her up again!
> I know with pasta/rice type foods, the blood sugar can drop before the
> has worked and then the blood sugar rises quickly and stays up there when
> food is working because it is a lot later than when the insulin is
peaking.  I
> don't use any fancy basal profiles on my daughter's pump, but other people
> and I think they can achieve better control.  I might look into it for
>  McDonald's is another one that causes us problems so we only go about
> every 3 months.
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
> Diabetic myself for 30 years, on Lantus
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