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Re: [IPp] re: sites & Sils vs. QuickSet questions

I found a site  www.childrenwithdiabetes  that has a page on infusion sets
that does advantages and disadvantages of many different sets.

Tomorrow will be a week that we are on the pump! We will have to adjust the
basal for Jillian today because she is going high  5p.m. - 11:30,  in range
at 3a.m. but waking up low.

What a difference a week makes. We have done some things the doctor will not
be pleased about but it's part of the reason we chose the pump and we
couldn't wait , we slept in over the week-end, skipped snacks, had dessert
after dinner, all those little thing's non diabetics take for granted.
Jillian ate what her sister ate for the first time in a year and a half. It
was all I could do not to cry straight through dinner. I feel positive and
am excited instead of burdened and overwhelmed. My husband and I even went
out and stayed out past  10p.m.!  Before the pump I could not leave the
house until she had her dinner shot and I would have to be home by 10 to
give her her bedtime shot plus while we were out we had to call at 8:30m to
make sure she had a snack and tested her BS. [ I was the only one that ever
gave any of the shots]  I'm expecting bumps in the road but I know I can
handle anything. Having this site helps as do the many others I've
discovered. It's nice to know your not alone.     "Lets all pray for a

Lori mom to Jill  11yrs.old diagnosed 4-19-02 pumping since 10-21-03
paradigm 512
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