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Re: [IPp] Bolus for high fat meals

In a message dated 26/10/2003 21:55:32 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Help!
> I am having no luck figuring out how to keep blood sugars down overnight 
> when 
> a high fat meal is eaten for dinner- pizza, hot dogs, chicken wings- all 
> cause very high spikes in my boys (ages 6 &9) several hours later. We try 
> dual
> wave bolus's- but they go really low right away and then spike up later.  
> Last 
> night , after pizza at 8 pm they were fine at bed time (10:30 pm) and then 
> awoke at 3 am spiking over 400.Any suggestions? I do not believe it is the
> basal
> rates since when they have lower fat meals we do not have this problem

I have the same problem with spaghetti bolognese especially.  My daughter 
(pumping) had spaghetti bolognese last night with garlic bread and her blood 
 sugars were fine until about two hours after she had eaten and then they went
and up and up and there was no bringing them down.  She even got up this 
 morning with a high blood sugar which sent her breakfast bolus and food out of
window.  She did not stabilize until about 6 pm today because everything she 
ate shot her up again!  

I know with pasta/rice type foods, the blood sugar can drop before the food 
has worked and then the blood sugar rises quickly and stays up there when the 
food is working because it is a lot later than when the insulin is peaking.  I 
don't use any fancy basal profiles on my daughter's pump, but other people do 
and I think they can achieve better control.  I might look into it for future. 
 McDonald's is another one that causes us problems so we only go about once 
every 3 months.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
Diabetic myself for 30 years, on Lantus
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