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[IPp] Re: types of sites

Our just-turned-two-year-old uses the Quicksets - 6mm long cannula, 23 
inch long tubing.  This is what our CDE told us to use, and it hasn't 
been a problem so we haven't changed.  We have used them both in 
Sigrid's upper buttocks and in her thighs (same places you used to give 
shots).  Only had a kink once in six months so far.  There have been 
lots of parents on this list indicate that their kids had problems when 
using the Quick-sets in the tummy (e.g., kinking), so we haven't tried 
that.  Arms theoretically should work as well as legs, but I think the 
tubing would be "in the way".

She has gotten quite used to the site changes - she yelps for no more 
than two seconds when it goes in, but that's it.  Sometimes she doesn't 
complain at all.  The inserter device is a big help in making this 
happen in the blink of an eye.  Also, she now insists on playing with 
the inserter after it's done its thing - maybe this makes her feel she 
has some control over the situation.  For us, using Emla or Ela-max to 
numb the area before insertion didn't actually help - it just got her 
keyed up for the half-hour you needed to wait for it to work - and then 
the sites didn't stick well anyway (unless you washed the skin 
thoroughly, and dried, before attaching the new site.)  So for Sigrid, 
the unanesthetized, two-second approach seems to work best.  We change 
her site three times a week - Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Sunday 
morning.  This is pretty close to the recommended every-two-days, but 
easier to remember.  We use skin-prep, and the sites have stuck very 
well with this.  The few sites that have come off have usually been 
after a warm bath, and after we had used Ela-Max on the skin before 

We haven't tried the Silhouette (longer cannula, at a sharp angle - vs. 
the quickset 6 mm or 9 mm cannula at a right angle) but lots of parents 
on the list have indicated that it works well.  The main complaint 
seems to be that the long needle is scary-looking.

pumpmama to Sigrid, dx'd @ 11 mos., pumping since 17 mos., just turned 
two this October.

On Friday, October 24, 2003, at 12:01 AM, pop-digest wrote:

> What is the difference between the silhouette and quick set? We just 
> started
>  pumping on Tuesday and use the sil-serter because that's what "They" 
> gave us.
> Is
>  the quick set less painful? Also the nurse from Minimed told us we 
> could use
> the
> arm, thigh,butt and abdomen. The abdomen anywhere from an inch away 
> from the
>  navel around to the back. As long as you could pinch up skin you 
> could use it
> as
> a site. I personally think I will just stick to the stomach for a 
> while.
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