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Re: [IPp] Re: types of sites

The silhouette is a pretty long needle and to some, it is scary or traumatic 
for little ones.  Personally, for my son who started pumping at age four and 
is very lean...we use the silhouette.  It is inserted at a 45 degree angle and 
is made for little ones with little or no body fat.  Because it is inserted at 
an angle, it is less likely to pull out.  The quickset is a shorter needle 
 and is inserted straight in. To use the quickset, you need some fatty tissue to
insert in to or it will pull out easily.  Yes, the silhouette is scary to 
look at, but my son has been pumping for almost two years and has only cried 
maybe twice from it hurting and both times, he moved while I was inserting.  I 
 have inserted in to myself and to my sister and we both felt nothing more than
pinch.  We insert using the sil-serter as well.

Sarah  :)   Single- Mom to Matthew (7) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 
and Victoria (8, turning 9 on Dec. 23rd) Non-D...Love My kids!
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