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Re: [IPp] Re: types of sites

What is the difference between the silhouette and quick set? We just started
pumping on Tuesday and use the sil-serter because that's what "They" gave
us. Is the quick set less painful?
Also the nurse from Minimed told us we could use the arm, thigh,butt and
abdomen. The abdomen anywhere from an inch away from the navel around to the
back. As long as you could pinch up skin you could use it as a site. I
personally think I will just stick to the stomach for a while.
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> Perhaps you already told me.. what type of site does Sigrid use?  We have
> recently switched Andrea to the QuickSet because the Silhouette/Essential
> was so traumatic for her.  She likes the QuickSet a lot better.  We found
> a little kink when we pulled it (2 1/2 days after inserting), but had had
> kinks with the sil as well.  How often do you change sites?  Have you had
> problems with kinks?  Where does Sigrid wear her site?  Andrea has only
> had them on her upper rump thus far, but she would like to try her arm
> with the QuickSet.
> Natalie,
>   My daughter Stephanie also prefers the Quick Set, mostly because she
>  doesn't have a lot of fat on her tummy and she seems to have problems
> it
> as well, as you said, it is traumatic for them, I think they need to come
>  with a different way to put one in the stomach area. We were told that we
> use the upper thighs as a site, I've never heard of using the arms though.
> Chery
> mom to Stephanie, dx'd @ 4, puming since 8/11/03
> "Faith is to believe what you don't yet see, the reward for this faith is
> to see what you believe."
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