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[IPp] RE: Canada and 504 type plan

Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't seen it show up and fear it may
>have been lost in cyberspace somewhere...
>You are right about Canada's policies or lack there of.  One option to
>consider is to organize a group through the JDRF or even CDA in your area.
>Together you can approach your school board and request specific change.  In
>Ottawa, this was done with great success. They have a fabulous policy in
>place but parents must still be aware of their rights as well as the rights
>of their children.
>Through our local CDA, we have recently approached a local school board and
>asked them to create a policy specific to diabetes as there are a large
>number of children being diagnosed in this area. It has been met with great
>support and hopefully will make it through to those who actually create new
>policies.  There are a lot of boards looking to make changes but don't know
>where to start. With the input of parents like yourself change can be made.
>Yet another area to look at might be the provisions made by the provincial
>government. On my own case, we are having a request for student assistance
>put in place due to my son's age and concerns for his safety when his
>teacher is busy. I have a complete listing of provincial policies as well as
>links to the Ottawa-Carlton board policy on the website listed below.
>Learn, take charge, and make changes for your own child and those who will
>come after.
>Barb (mom to Liam 6yr dx3/00
>Newfoundland Canada

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