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[IPp] re: Pump Holders

> My 6 year old will soon be pumping with the Cozmo and I am starting to
> wonder the best way for him to carry it around. I understand it comes with a
> clip but he loves to sleep in just his underwear. This may not be easy to
> attach a pump to. I have heard of "pump pouches". Are these the best way to
> go and where is the best place to purchase them from?

My now 8 yr old boy has been pumping for 2.5 years, and initially he used a
pump pouch - the MiniMed sleep pouch, with the waist-strap cut in half, for
about 2 months when he was wearing t-shirts & his underwear.  Since then, he
converted to sleeping in his boxers or long pj pants like his big brother did,
so he prefers just to clip the pump to his boxers/pj pants or to his
shorts/long pants during the day.  He wears a pump cover to keep curious eyes &
static away from the pump but no longer uses the pouch.  

Regards, Shelly V., mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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