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Re: [IPp] Re: Canada and 504 type plan


We live in Ontario but  a lot of what you are saying I hear from my 
friends around here as well.  Megan has only been at one school and the 
principal actually seems concerned for Megan's health, not necessarily 
the 'protocol'.  I'm sure if the school board found out some or the 
things we have in place they would flip.  But it works for everyone 
involved.  His attitude also shows in the other teachers involved. 
 Where as when Megan first started school they seemed to check her 
finger because 'it had to be done', now that they understand why and 
what are the consequences of poor control will be for Megan, everyone 
really works with me to achieve this.  I should  point out that before 
Megan started at the school there was a boy with diabetes who never 
checked his blood  glucose, never went to the doctor and as you can 
imagine the school thought that diabetes was no big deal so when Megan 
came along they couldn't understand why I was making a big deal about 
it.  4 years later and this boy is sick all the  time and already 
showing some complications.  Now everyone understands!

I hope things get better for you and your daughter.  It's hard to 
believe that people who work with children can be so uncaring when it 
comes to their health and well being.
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>Thanks Debbie, for your info.
>What province are you in?  I agree that it certainly is luck, when you get a 
>good principal.  I have experienced six different ones in primary schools and 
>one was totally awesome (she was with my older children only, before Claire 
 >was at school), one pretty good one, two very mediocre and two terrible ones.
>The current principal is in the terrible category for me.  There is another 
 >little DM girl at our school, who started there in Kindergarten, now grade 2.
 > Her mom was totally traumatized by this principal as he told her that her
 >should be homeschooled, as he couldn't be bothered with handling any "special"
>kids.  Two years later she is still too upset by it to tell me the entire 
>Barbara, Mum of Claire 9 
>>I drew up a plan based on the Americans 504 last year for my daughter 
>>for the same reason that you did.  Our principal agreed it was important 
>>and signed it.  I know we are very lucky and have a very concerned 
>>principal.  Other friends in our district have tried and have been 
>>refused even after they pointed out what our school has in place.  I was 
>>very specific in my plan of what I expected to occur with Megan.  By 
>>the way she is in grade 2 and has had diabetes since JK.  I have never 
>>had a request turned down by our principal but everything is based on 
>>individual schools here it seems.
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