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Re: [IPp] Advanced pump techniques

> We've been pumping for about a month now.  We've been using a
> straight sliding scale, and I'm feeling a bit more confident.  I've
> successfully adjusted the basals and carb ratios and I've got Emma
> coming in between 80 and about 160 fairly consistently now.  The
> only exception is when she eats something with fat for dinner, I'm
> getting a midnight spike to 220ish.  I'd like to try a square wave
> or dual wave bolus, and I'm looking for practical advice on how to
> use them and when to use them.

The spike is more likely hormonal than due to her meal. Kids grow at 
night and this can produce some pretty spectacular bg rises 
immediately after they go to sleep. It's not tied to the clock but 
related to when she actually falls asleep. We solved the problem by 
setting a temp basal rate for a few hour at bed time to cover the 
inintial sleep period since bedtime is so variable as kids get older.
But.... I was dealing with a preteen/teen not a young child.

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