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Re: [IPp] Advanced pump techniques

Hi, not sure which is which, but square and dual are both good.  The menu 
 walks you right thru it, first start at main menu and go to bolus, then it asks
dual/square select on (remember you can always turn off) just follow 
 instructions in user guide. I think dual is what you need, you need something
to kick in
a couple of hours later. The dual splits up the total, so much insulin now 
and then so much later on.  It allows you to set up how much later the rest of 
the total of insulin you need. Ex. 60% now and 40% around 10 or 11:00.  I know 
its confusing in beginning but when it says dual set how much you want now, 
and then when it says square set how much you want later on. Ex. normal bolus 
for food might be 6, do 4 now and 2 later, then how much later you want the 
 square to kick in like 2 -3 hrs later depending on what time she eats dinner or
snack to 11 or 12:00. The book takes you step by step. Good luck and don't be 
afraid, this is also good for chinese food!

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