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[IPp] Types of sites, air bubbles, diluting


Perhaps you already told me.. what type of site does Sigrid use?  We have
recently switched Andrea to the QuickSet because the Silhouette/Essential
was so traumatic for her.  She likes the QuickSet a lot better.  We found
a little kink when we pulled it (2 1/2 days after inserting), but had had
kinks with the sil as well.  How often do you change sites?  Have you had
problems with kinks?  Where does Sigrid wear her site?  Andrea has only
had them on her upper rump thus far, but she would like to try her arm
with the QuickSet.

We were told that if she likes the QuickSet, but has problems with kinks,
she could try Disetronic's Rapid which actually leaves the needle in the
child.  Seems like a good idea in some ways, but also makes me nervous. 
Have you tried these?

Also, we have had a problem with air bubbles, though we seem to get them
more at night...  any suggestions?  We leave the insulin out before
filling the cartridge, and then leave the syringe on the cartridge for a
while at room temp to try and get out more bubbles.  Our pump trainer
says to leave the insulin out half a day before trying to fill the
cartridge next time.  Anything that has worked well for you?

One last question, as I know you use U25...  does diluting seem to affect
the action time - how long it takes to kick in or how long it is active? 
Just wondering.  Andrea currently uses U50.  We are trying to rule out as
many variables as possible...  In the morning, especially, it seems to
take forever for her bolus to do ANYTHING!

Thanks as always for all your suggestions.

-Natalie Rodgers
Mom to Andrea 4 (dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03),
             Alicia 2, and Carlos 5 months
Married to Tom for over 7 fabulous years
Salt Lake City, UT

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