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[IPp] Re: First week over

Maria -

 <<I think there may not be another disease where the patient needs to be so
much in control, and so much constantly making medical decisions on their own,
as diabetes. Rather than letting it make you feel stupid - rise to the challenge
and let it make you smarter! >>

 Do you know what is really sad? In our "lawsuit-prone" society, the endo can't
say to parents of newly-diagnosed kids "you have to learn to adjust your child's
insulin requirements, his/her carb intake, & you have to learn that your child's
"mileage may vary".

 Instead they give you the "what would you do?" question. They CAN'T encourage
you to take control, they can't TELL you, straight out that you have to make
adjustments in insulin dosages.

 I relied on the endo for WAY too long because I wasn't given the option to
change his dosages. If I had not found the CWD parents' email list, I would
still be calling the endo for advice, my kid would still be on NPH & H and his
bg levels would still be sky-high.

 It's a shame & a situation that I hope to change one parent at a time. I
deliver the "Bag of Hope" from the JDRF to newly-diagnosed kids. I tell the
parents, "you are in charge of your child's care, you need to take control". No
one cares more about our kids than we, as parents, do.


Mom to Joshua 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. Pumping w/Cozmo 06/03/03,& Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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