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[IPp] Re: Pump holders

Hi Barb!

Claire's pump comes with an awesome swivel clip case.  She likes to wear her 
pump stuck inside her undies.....her choice, not mine!  

At bedtime, I like the pump to be away from her body heat.  We have a number 
of baby or toddler socks that are pinned to all her pajamas, and she puts her 
pump in there for the night.  If she is wearing a nightie, she wears "undies" 
that are cut-off pajama bottoms that were worn out at the knees by her older 
brothers.  We have plenty of those around!  Nice and soft and comfy.  

Just a couple of options for you to consider.  You'll probably find that Liam 
has his own preferences, so you might ask him what he thinks. 

 Barbara, Mum of Claire 9 

> My 6 year old will soon be pumping with the Cozmo and I am starting to
> wonder the best way for him to carry it around. I understand it comes with a
> clip but he loves to sleep in just his underwear. This may not be easy to
> attach a pump to. I have heard of "pump pouches". Are these the best way to
> go and where is the best place to purchase them from?
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