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[IPp] Re: McDonalds

<<Our son AJ has been Type 1 for over 11 years. We have never insisted on 
pop or limited his eating in any way. The way we were "schooled" in diabetes 
management was to let kids eat whatever they want, especially if they are 
hungry - count the carbs and "cover" with the correct amount of insulin. His 
HbA1C's have been below 7.0 for over 10 years. He is 14 now and we have never
issues with food of any kind. He is on an insulin pump now but before he went 
on the pump we would just give extra shots for any extra carbs he wished to 
consume.  We would always say "you can have whatever you want, but you need 
"cover" "  and he always would give an extra shot or two depending on what he 
wanted to eat.

Just thought I would add another way of managing diabetes that has worked for 
us all of these years.
Any thoughts out there?>>

We do basically the same thing with our daughter Stephanie.  She has been a 
diabetic for almost 8 years and she never liked diet sodas, kind of stinks but 
you can't force them to like something like that.  We are on the pump so we 
 just cover for the carbs and let her be "normal", god knows a lot of people out
there make it so they can't be.  We were also taught to let them be kids, 
 because the more you restrict, the more problems you'll have when they get to
teen years and they will rebel.  So far so good, we've never had this problem.

Cheryl, mom to Stephanie dx'd Nov. 1995
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