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[IPp] Fast Food

Lori -

 <<Why did you switch to the pump? How do you like it and how long have you been
pumping? My daughter is starting the pump next week and I am a wreck about the
whole thing.>>

 Joshua has been pumping since June. He was diagnosed in Sept. 2001. His numbers
were all over the map & I just couldn't stand it anymore. Now, he still has
higher numbers than I would like, but I'm very conservative in increasing basals
because I'm scared of lows.

 In all, the pump has changed our lives. It is so much better than shots even
with the horrid pump start (the NovoLog was bad - had crystals in it), we dealt
with bubbles in the tubing because I didn't know that the insulin needed to be
room temp before filling the cartridges & he HATED the Sils/Essentials that we
were using at the time.

 Now we've switched him to the QuickSets & he even helps with the inserter (I
was changing his site sets in his sleep & he began dreading mommy coming into
his room at night, sigh).

 The pump allows your child to eat without restriction (or another shot),
flexibility to NOT eat - Joshua was force fed on more than one occasion (ice
cream for breakfast!), and lowering bg levels without an addition shot. Plus you
don't have to guess when the long-acting insulin is going to suddenly kick-in
causing lows.

 Joshua weighs 37 lbs & has since last Dec. I questioned the ped. dr. & she said
that he was a little "chubby" last Dec. We were feeding the insulin. Now he's a
lean, mean, fighting machine! LOL!


Mom to Joshua 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. Pumping w/Cozmo 06/03/03,& Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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