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Re: [IPp] Insulin in pumps

We switched my son (Jeremy, 9) to Novolog this summer.   In his case, he was 
clearly not getting 3 days from a site and I heard that can be due to a 
sensitivity to Humalog.  At that point we were doing site changes every 
other day, which he complied with, but did not love.  So we changed.  He has 
consistently gone 3 days with great numbers still on his 3rd day.  I have 
noticed that it takes the Novolog slightly longer to get going in Jeremy, 
but it seems to have a smoother effect on his b.g. readings.  Also, his 
highs and lows are not as extreme.  We really like Novolog and we are glad 
we switched.  I hope it works for you, too, but YMMV.

-- Allison

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