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Re: [IPp] 2 sites at the same time?

Why not work with your son on how to change a site?  My daughter is 9 and we
had toteach her how to change her site because of school.  She has had to
change a couple of times at school.  Makes it easier on us so neitheroneofus
hasto leave work.  The only thing she doesn't do is change the insulin
resevoir at school.

George and Leah Scott

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Subject: [IPp] 2 sites at the same time?

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>  We are leaving our 8 year old son with his grandmother for two nights
> weekend. It only happens rarely, but we are concerned that he might lose a
> while we are gone. Our son has never handled a site change on his own. As
> safety measure, we are considering putting in two sites before we leave,
> one, and treating the other as a back-up
> should he lose the first.  Has anyone ever tried this?
>  Many thanks,
>  Rob and Joan Zanger
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