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[IPp] Re: IPp - two sites at one time

Hi Rob and Joan,
>>>>As a safety measure, we are considering putting in two sites before
we leave, using
one, and treating the other as a back-up should he lose the first.  Has
anyone ever tried this?<<<<
We have done something similar in the past.  Before Erica was doing her
own insertions, we would leave the old site in as a backup if we were
not going to be home an hour after the new site insertion to make sure
it was working.  That way Erica could hook up to the 'old' site if there
was a problem. I can think of one occasion when she did have to fall
back on the old site, and it did work, but it was within hours of
disconnecting from it. 
This is a very good point to raise as I am sure there are a few parents
who have found themselves in similar positions.  I love tips and tricks!
One thing I would do, if we were in your position, is feed my child and
do a good sized meal bolus after putting in the spare site to insure it
is working properly and to move tissue away from the end of the cannula,
hopefully keeping it 'open'.  To take things even further, and to
possibly keep the spare site viable, I would have Erica disconnect from
the primary site and bolus through the spare site for the odd meal or
Just my 02 worth.  YMMV :-)
Mom to Erica a Canadian Butterfly www.canadianbutterfly.ca
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