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Re: [IPp] Insulin in pumps

We switched to novolog this summer.  Was told it can handle higher 
temperatures without spoiling.
 Rachel has been on the pump for a year - last 6 months or so
though she did use it also
in the Lifescan InDuo meter - which held skinny Novolog tubes she 
injected with (instead of syringes).
Her last A1C was 6.5 - best ever!  We've had pretty good luck with 
 I used to think Novolog was a little less "potent" than Humalog, back
when she was doing injections.
 But it could have been that when she first started fast acting -
brought her down ALOT
 and we just weren't used to that. Then switching to Novolog, we
notice it as much.
I would try it.  I can't hurt!
Good luck!
Cathy, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, pumping 10/02

Terra Smith wrote:

> I went to a new Dr. for my girls and he wants me to switch from
> Humolog
> to Novalog. He said it was better.
> Other than their made by different companys,
> What is the differences?
> Is one better than the other?
> What does everyone use in their pumps?
> Tea
> Crystal 12yr dx at 8yr  MM508
> Cheyenne 6yr dx at 13mon  MM508
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