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[IPp] Bolus of 15 units at BS 58

Sounds just like my 12yr old. Always forgetting to test  & to take a 
 bolus. The last really bad thing she did was to give her self a bolus
 with out testing. She was on her way into the house after being gone
 a few hrs with friends & thought she would be high & didn't want to
in trouble. She's always forgets to test & bolus when shes out with 
 friends. Anyway she tested about 5 min later on my request & was 58.
She had 2 glasses of juice & a big dinner & was still low a few hrs 
 later. That was one of the scariest times we've had. And it didn't
 that her dad was telling her that we were going to take the pump away
 because its a privilege. We didn't but sometimes we just don't know
to do.
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