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[IPp] Thanks for the help!

Things went much better last night.  Per the helpful suggestions from
the list and from our pump trainer, I controlled myself and waited at
least an hour to check after corrections.  I checked her before we went
to bed at 11:00 and she was 176.  Decided to leave it and see what it
was at 2.   Checked at 2 and she was 221, gave her a 1 unit bolus, went
back to bed.  Checked her at 4 and she was 120 which is what she woke up
with at 7.  So while I have noticed her correction factor has changed
during the day from 1:70 to 1:90 on the pump, it looks like nighttime
might be 1:100.  I think the 221 might have been lingering ice cream
from dinner, so will try again to see if she stay fairly steady over
that early part of the night.  The early morning hours seem to be set
with the right basal at least.
 <mailto:email @ redacted> Donna---who loves the pump again now that
I got some sleep!!
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