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[IPp] My daughters

Lori jacobbi wrote:

>Why did you switch to the pump? How do you like it and how long have you
>been pumping? My daughter is starting the pump next week and I am a wreck
>about the whole thing.
> A friend of ours daughter was on a pump. That's how we found out about 
> them. I knew you could get better control with a pump, but one of the 
> biggest factors was that my daughters taking up to 5-6 shots a day 
> would go down to 1 site change every 3 days. When you have a 3 yr. old 
> that hated shots & you have to hold down every time, it seemed like 
> the best thing to do.  

    Before they were put on a pump I was so scared. Everything seemed so 
complicated. But after the first few days it was so easy.          Don't 
worry it looks harder than it is.

> My Daughter Crystal who will be 13 next month went on the pump in Dec 
> 2000. She had just turned 10yrs old. Cheyenne  turned  6yrs old in 
> June. She went on the pump in April 2000. She was 3 yrs old.  Cheyenne 
> wanted to be on a pump so bad. She started letting us give her shots 
> in her tummy & she even wore a fake pump. Just to see if she could 
> handle being attatched to something. I took an old pager  & taped a 
> pump tubing to it then I taped it to her. She loved it. She didn't 
> mind it or mess with it at all. The only problem we had is she would 
> get mad at us and couldn't  figure out why she still had to take shots 
> with HER pump.  The pager was purple  so when she got her real pump 
> from MM  she was so upset she couldn't have purple. LOL

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