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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #466

I wait at least 2 hours after a bolus for a high to check.  Then if it is not
significantly down, I will bolus again then, but not quite a full bolus as
some Novolog may still be working.  This works well for my 11 year old son.
For my 5 year old daughter, though, she can still get LOW from a high blood
sugar for more like 2 1/2 to 3 hours after a bolus for a high.  And hers seem
to REALLY drop fast around the 2 hour mark sometimes.  You just have to learn
your kids.  For her, too, I nearly always need to have her eat something about
an hour after the bolus to be sure she doesn't CRASH.  With no food in her
system she can really get low.

My 11 year old is about 170 lbs and his highest basal is 1.1 and lowest in
early am is .7.  My daughter is only five and her highest is .5 and her lowest
is .1 in early am.  She is little - only about 37 lbs.

This list is so helpful~  :)

Sybil - mom to five -with 2 "sweet" kids - Morgan and Madison, 11 and 5.
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